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How to chose the right mockup

How to chose the right mockup

It looks like every mockup are similar. Sometimes biggest difference is the position of the hand and the phone or laptop you’re holding. Of course, there are several other things which are very important. It’s how the hand looks like and the background. Ugly looking hand or very colorful background can be very distracting or even unattractive.

The Hands of Mockuuups: Ivica Šúrová

The Hands of Mockuuups: Ivica Šúrová

Not just our blog is new, but we have one more surprise for you! Every week we promise to bring you new interviews with designers, companies, customers, startups and the people behind Mockuuups.

In these interviews we will ask various questions about everything from what's happening now, to what's in store for the future while using Mockuuups.

For our very first interview we have Ivica Surova, aka “pretty hands”. In this interview, Ivi shares experiences from her job, some cool projects, her daily routine and much more. Enjoy!

What are Mockups?

What are Mockups?

A mockup is a realistic representation of what the product will look like. It could be almost everything we use daily. It could be an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple watch or other smartphones or tablets. The mockup is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for teaching, demonstration, design evaluation or promotions. On the internet, you can find two different names - mockup and mock-up, but it’s the same product.

Howdy from Mockuuups Team

Howdy from Mockuuups Team is one year old now, can you believe it? For the last year it’s been just us three guys clicking away for a bit of fun after our daily jobs as two designers and one developer. We have dedicated many weekends towards never ending photoshoots and retouching sessions. As much as it’s been an exciting journey, it’s also become difficult to keep up with all the demand.

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