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Mockups for Figma
Step 1

Simply click on the Figma frame.

Watch as your visuals magically appear in over 1200 mockups. Focus on your design work instead of replacing screens on mockups.

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Figma Mockup Plugin
Step 2

Browse mockups with automatically applied frame.

Filter devices, hand models, and transparency. Scroll through mockups grid and select your favorites. No need to leave Figma or export to other design tools.

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Mockup Generator for Figma
Step 3

Export or place into the document.

Once you’re happy, export as a high-quality image ready for sharing or place directly to your Figma design for further modification.

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Stand Out From the Crowd.

Diverse Hands & Devices.

Growing Library

Your one-stop-shop for every scene imaginable.

Ready-to-use scenes — all stored in one handy spot. Switch between different backgrounds and device types to achieve the desired result.

Device Mockups & Diverse Hands
Custom Mockups

Looking for a custom mockup? Create your own from scratch.

Showcase your product in use, from quick glances to focused work. Pick a device, choose from diverse hands and mix with countless background combinations.

Create custom mockups in Figma
Supported Devices for Figma
iPhone 12 Mockups
iPhone 11 Mockups
iPhone XS Mockups
iPhone X Mockups
iPhone 8 Mockups
iPhone SE Mockups
iPhone 7 Mockups
Apple Watch Mockups
Samsung Galaxy S21 Mockups
Samsung Galaxy S20 Mockups
Samsung Galaxy S10 Mockups
Samsung Galaxy S9 Mockups
Samsung Galaxy S8 Mockups
Samsung Galaxy S7 Mockups
Samsung Galaxy S6 Mockups
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockups
Google Pixel 5 Mockups
Google Pixel 4 Mockups
Google Pixel 3XL Mockups
Google Pixel Mockups
Chromebook Mockups
HTC One Mockups
Microsoft Surface Mockups
Dell Display Mockups
iPad Mockups
iPad Pro Mockups
Macbook Pro Mockups
Macbook Air Mockups
iMac Mockups
Apple Display Mockups

Create your first device mockup in Figma today

Speed-up your workflow and spend more time with designing.

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Figma Mockup Plugin
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