Giveaway: Announcing the First Winner of Our Awesome T-shirt

Maybe you already had a chance to see our little promo popup for a t-shirt giveaway and joined the competition. If not, don't worry it's still on and we'll be giving away a lot more shirts soon :) We would like to announce the first winner of our monthly t-shirt giveaway, complete with stickers, and one little secret gift...

Giveaway: Announcing the First Winner of Our Awesome T-shirt

Congratulations to Anna Marie Moore!

Portfolio - Twitter

Take a look at what you can win by signing up with your email address. Everything is handcrafted and made with a lot of design love from the whole team. And yes, we also have women's shirts ;)

For those who want to win one, put your email to our giveaway popup and just wait. We'll pick another lucky one in few weeks again.

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