How Happy Puppy used Mockuuups for better presentation

Every day you can see dozens of new products on your Twitter feed, ProductHunt, DesignerNews... There are new kick-ass startups, mobile apps, productivity tools, Slack integrations, etc. Some of them are worth to click and support at their early stage, but on the other side, there are a many less visible & successful projects with missing some key points - presentation and communication abilities.

How Happy Puppy used Mockuuups for better presentation

Today, we’d like to introduce you the creator of Happy Puppy and also a designer in digital agency Bubble - Jaromir Kveton. In this interview, Jaromir shares experience how our products helped to the successful launch of iOS & Web app and became more attractive to the community.

1. Can you tell us a bit more about Happy Puppy?

Happy Puppy is for everyone who is planning to have a dog and for everyone who has a sense of humor. We think that the second point is even more important. The app generates very unique names and we have more than 1400 of them. You can view them randomly or specify the stream by gender, category or the first letter. Actually, you could really use it for anything, not just for puppies. We’ve heard that people have used it for their new fish, turtle and even a cat. Although, I hate cats and I’m thinking that the app should be forbidden for cat owners, haha.

Happy Puppy iOS app

2. What about a team? Have you managed everything alone?

There are two of us. Myself and my good friend, Vlastimil Fiser–a great front–end web and iOS developer who I met few years back. I’m responsible for the original idea, design and creative side of a whole project, Vlastimil did an incredible job on the technical side with desktop and iOS. He also takes care of our Twitter account and marketing in general.

Happy Puppy iOS used Mockuuups

A few of our friends helped us, especially with the copywriting on this project, but in general we have managed this project alone. We feel that was the best thing for us to do. I think a bigger team or a leader would have ruined the idea or changed our vision for the project. With a designer and a developer that are more friends than colleagues, what else do you need?

3. What was your motivation to create a project like this?

Solving a problem, creating a new solution, and feeling like it really can help people – that was our motivation.

iPhone 6 PSD mockup

I discovered this problem when I wanted to name my dog. It seemed like everyone around me had a wonderful name for their dog, and I asked myself, “Where the hell are they getting these great names?”. I started with searching, but the only thing I found were long and boring lists with even more boring names. So I designed an app, where users could see the names randomly, specify the randomness and save their favourites. One day I showed it to Vlastimil and he just loved it. Happy Puppy was born!

Honestly, at the beginning I thought, I’m the only one who has the problem, but now that people are using it, it looks like we’ve helped some people find fun names for their new pets!

4. What is most important thing for successful project presentation?

Well, this question is probably more for Vlastimil – he has more experience in marketing and presentation than I do, but for me it all depends on the first impression. People just need to see that it looks great, to know that the app can help them and mainly they need to feel that it was fun for the creators. I think that’s exactly us – just two friends creating an app. I have the same feeling about you guys. I feel like you just found out that you had resources to help people, so you created Mockuuups, where earnings are more like a product than a target. I think it’s great.

iPhone 6 hand mockup

5. What happened after first 24 hours?

They were really good! Better than we expected. We got a few thousand downloads, lots of kind reactions, some magazines wrote about us. It’s just what we were hoping for.

I was worried that some people might take the app too seriously, because we had a few problems in the beginning, but now it looks like everyone is fine with it and people are having fun. We are so glad.

6. What are you currently working on?

Actually nothing big, just finishing some other projects and starting to focus more on school. As I’m in my final year, my bachelors thesis and exams are quickly approaching.

Try the Happy Puppy app through the AppStore or

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