14 Dell XPS Mockups to showcase your website designs

When designing an app or a website, it’s crucial that your users know what it looks like and how it works. If you are building a website or app, and want to showcase it on a notebook screen, then you need a notebook mockup, and there are fewer computers well suited than a Dell XPS Notebook.

14 Dell XPS Mockups to showcase your website designs

Today, we’re rolling a new update that features over 14 high-quality notebook mockups. Each of these scenes shows a Dell XPS mockup in a perfect position for the users to see the screen, and thus your designs.

The mockups are suited to all product types, including pictures, apps, and websites. You can also showcase specific functions like pop-up notifications, media controls, and many more.

Dell XPS Mockup on a tray

Dell XPS Mockup

White Dell XPS Mockup in front of window

White Dell XPS Mockup in front of window

Dell XPS Mockup in front of window

Dell XPS Mockup in front of window

Each mockup scene reflects a real-world scenario and use case such as a living room, home office, bedroom, and others. This way, so your designs remain relevant to how your users would see and use them. These high-quality and realistic mockups are exactly what you need to make your design stand out in your proposals, pitches, and marketing promos.

Create notebook mockups in a second

To get started, simply upload a picture or screenshot of your choosing, select the scene you’ll like the image to be featured in, and our mockup generator will automatically generate the mockup with that image.

Our powerful mockup generator provides you over 800 ready-to-use mockups with more on the way, giving you the power to showcase your stunning designs to the world in seconds. You don’t need Photoshop or any design software to create mockups. Our mockup generator takes care of that for you so that you can focus on designing the best apps and designs you can.

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