The Hands of Mockuuups: Ivica Šúrová

Not just our blog is new, but we have one more surprise for you! Every week we promise to bring you new interviews with designers, companies, customers, startups and the people behind Mockuuups. In these interviews we will ask various questions about everything from what's happening now, to what's in store for the future while using Mockuuups. For our very first interview we have Ivica Surova, aka “pretty hands”. In this interview, Ivi shares experiences from her job, some cool projects, her daily routine and much more. Enjoy!

The Hands of Mockuuups: Ivica Šúrová

1) Tell us about yourself?

Hello! I'm a Slovakian girl living and working in the Czech Republic, in Prague actually. My day job as an Project Manager in the advertising company called Bistro Agency, is all about the planning, communicating with clients and the team and also taking care of campaigns and other projects.

2) What does your work day look like?

My day work is mainly about communication. Not only with clients but also with members of our huge team and about learning new things everyday as well. You always learn something new and interesting when working in the digital sphere.

3) What are you currently working on?

At my day job, it's all about advertising. Along my daily working and personal projects we have created our little production team J&IV with my friend Jakub Sodomka, which focuses on photography or videography.

4) How do you manage your time?

This is something I'm still trying to improve. When I was a student I had plenty of free time that I even didn't know how to use and now… I've had to change my routine to waking up early in the morning during weekends and starting each day with great breakfast. Also, I try to spend my free days outside, with friends, making some personal stuff or just enjoying the city around. My time is best managed when I have the feeling that it was fully filled with joy and relaxation.

5) Where are you currently based and what’s next?

I'm currently based in Prague for the third year now. And what's next? Nobody ever knows! But I would like to step out of this city and move behind the borders into the future…

6) What are the tools you can’t live without?

I know it's a little embarrassing, but honestly I can't live without my iPad. Sometimes it seems like an extension of my hand :) I don't care for small displays, so my mobile phone is pretty retro, not even a smartphone. Through my iPad I can constantly capturing moments, to be in touch with the world, music and friends. And of course I can't live without my smoothie blender!

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7) What is your latest project?

My latest project was the illustration for Czech magazine Čilichili, in which I made the cover image and a few illustrations inside. Regarding to my photography work, the last project was foodstyling and photographing for a brand new foodie project that is actually a high quality homemade pesto.

8) What is your biggest passion and why?

I'm a passionate foodie and enjoying the delightful moments associated with food is my alter ego that recharges my energy everyday. There are still a lot of flavors, tastes, and smells to explore in the foodie world and I want to be there capturing those moments and tasting as well. My other biggest passion is endless dreaming and turning it into the creation of collage. It always reminds me that there is an irrational world behind our tangibility. That's why I run into my own world composed from images that I merge together in my own unique way. My thoughts, feelings and notes spread the whole canvas and help me make my mind clear before the everyday work load.

9) How do you feel now that your hand is being used by hundreds of designers?

It's so exciting to be a part of so many projects all round the world! I just wish that I could see more of them and watch how my hand has changed through many projects, thoughts and creatives.

enter image description here Ivi's hand used by Gumroad on their landing page made it even to TechCrunch :)

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