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MicrosoftGeocachingYahooDigitas has over 100 free no-fluff device mockups ready to plug and play with. And if you want a quick, generic showcase it might be all you need…

But if you’re a designer or brand wanting stunning mockups to impress your next clients or customers.

Or you want a mockup generator that’ll save you a ton of time...

You’ll be left wanting more.

If free, drag and drop previews in over 2200+ stunning device scenes sound good to you. With vast customizations like shadows, clay textures, and diverse hands...

Keep reading because we’ll show you how Mockups Studio lets you create your perfect showcases in just a few clicks!

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If you're into making nice product shots with your app designs, @Mockuuups is a great. Install it on your MAC, super easy to use.

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The 4 “No-Brainer” Reasons Why Mockuuups Studio Is Every Serious Designer’s Alternative.

Unlike, Mockuuups Studio’s mockups are fully customizable. You can select devices, hand styles, shadows, scenes, and backgrounds. With up to 788 million combinations!

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1. Your Key to Creative Freedom

Mockuuups Studio’s “Editor” lets you create your own stunning mockups, taking the limits off traditional uninspiring templates. Stop hoping and worrying if Placeit has what you need.

Save hours searching through sites like MockDrop endless pages and clunky web interfaces. Unlock your creative freedom in just a few clicks.

Start by customizing your device, then select a model that relates to your market. With background integrations like Unsplash and photorealistic effects, the options to customize are almost unlimited... 788 million to be exact!

Breakthrough idea’s come when you’re given the chance to play...

Mockup Studio let's you easily customize your mockup

With your newfound freedom, you’ll not only find yourself using a mockup generator for stunning web designs, pitch decks, portfolios, and presentations... But have an endless supply of social media mockups!

See exactly how the “editor” works right here.

2. 2200+ Bespoke High-Resolution Scenes

The problem with most Magic Mockups free alternatives is the scenes are overused everywhere... has around 150 scenes, but many of them are generic and uninspiring.

If you want to stop scrollers in their tracks, impress your client or stand out for the right reasons, you need something stunning and unique! But how do you find it?

Create your own? Invest in lighting? Camera gear?

Back in 2016, we suffered this problem, so we rented a studio to shoot our own scenes! (Yep that’s us).

Unique mockup scenes from photo studio

From what started small in our web design office, has now snowballed into creating unique scenes found nowhere else. But we couldn’t keep these to ourselves...

From parks to uber rides and travel. Over 5 years we’ve created a ton of niche mockups to give you the most diverse range of scenes out there so you don’t have to.

And we don’t plan on slowing down!

Growing library of device mockups

These mockups are so unique that you can’t even tell you’re using a mockup generator!

With 12 models deeply engaged in what could be your app or design. You’ll find something to relate to your market and showcase your work in its full glory.

3. Lightning Fast Previews

With MockDrop and many alternatives you’re given clunky web previews, strict image sizes, and can only preview one mockup at a time, right?

That’s no way to treat a professional like yourself!

Mockuuups Studio fixes all this, making your workflow as frictionless as possible. (deep breath)

You simply drag and drop your scenes, and they’re formatted pixel-perfectly to the entire collection!

Filter by devices, colors, grips, and scenes. From standalone devices to uber rides and office scenes we’ll have something stunning to suit your needs.

And to make things even smoother, designers can integrate Mockuuups Studio directly in Figma and Sketch to save you “death by a thousand apps”.

Stop guessing how your design will look in a “free PSD mockup” and try them all in one place! Select and export a hand mockup in seconds.

4. Try Out Thousands of Mockups for Free!

Mockups studio lets you preview the entire collection for free! Only subscribe to remove the watermark / high-res exports if you like what you see.

The Premium subscription is $20 USD per month which works out to around 50c per day…

If you compare that to the time it takes to “google” for the perfect mockup or hiring a designer. Like many, you’ll find having everything in one place a no-brainer!

Just imagine how much more time you can spend on client work, growing your business, or doing what you love!

Give Mockuuups Studio a go, we bet you’ll start using it more than you think!

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Mockuuups Studio - Placeit Alternative
Device Mockups
Drag & Drop (Instant Previews)
Ethnic Diversity
Device Editor
Export Size
Up to 8K
Up to 4K
Figma Integration
Sketch Integration
Monthly Pricing
$20 / month
Free Plan

Is enough for me?

If you want a free online mockup generator for quick generic scenes... might work for you.

But with a limited collection of less than 150 device mockups with slow individual uploads and complex formatting requirements...

Mockdrop can become frustrating.

Thankfully, if you’re after jaw-dropping scenes with customizable hands, shadows, and device colors. With instant, pixel-perfect formatting to the entire collection...

Not only will Mockuuups Studio save you a ton of time. You’ll finally have an endless supply of high-quality mockups for design, product, and marketing content!

Join thousands of designers and brands using Mockuuups Studio and preview your product in over 2200 scenes free today!

What are you waiting for?

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