How do I use your Mockup Delivery CDN?

When rendering a mockup, you can either immediately download it and store somewhere on your server, or you can let us host the generated mockup for you on our fast and production-ready CDN.

By doing so, you won’t need to worry about file storage or traffic on your servers. All you need to do is to save an https link we give you. 

For each mockup on the CDN, we also give you a scaled-down version you might use as a thumbnail, and user-friendly download page for the mockup you can share with your users.

By default, the URL will always start with, and based on your plan, you can either configure:

  • your own subdomain (such as
  • or connect your own domain via a CNAME (for example

In higher plans, you can even white-label the download page with your brand colors and a logo.

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